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July 28, 2013 Hope Chapel Run Report

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Topic: July 28, 2013 Hope Chapel Run Report
Posted By: PhilC
Subject: July 28, 2013 Hope Chapel Run Report
Date Posted: Jul 29 2013 at 12:33am
July 28, 2013 Hope Chapel Run

Sunday the 28th was a special run day for members of the Torrance and Hermosa Beach congregations of the Hope Chapel. The weather started out overcast but before long the skies cleared and the sun came out.

We opened the gates at Noon even though the run was not scheduled to begin until 1:30. People started trickling in and by 2:00 the station was full. We also opened up to the general public. Anyone that wanted a ride got one.

We had 4 trains running today, Howie's UP SW1500 with Bob Diaz as his conductor, Rory's RG SW9 pulling a bunch of freight cars along with the passenger cars, with Andy acting as his conductor. Kelly brought out his SF GP38 with his son Jeff as conductor and Tim brought out his Forney the Jillie Belle with both his and Jim's cars for a very very long train with Dale as his conductor. We gave rides to 556 passengers during the run which ended at 4:30.

Robert ran the lemonade stand, and acted as dispatcher while Phil ran the station. Thanks to Joanne and Sonny and Ray for running the depot store.

Daisy cooked lunch which consisted of BBQ baby back ribs with her special top secret rub. I must say best ribs that I have had in a very long time. The meat fell off the bone. We also had candied yams, candied carrots, baked beans, homemade garlic cheese biscuits and strawberry lemonade. For desert we had ice cold watermelon. Great job Daisy, you did a fantastic job!

Thanks to Hope Chapel for their generous donation and we hope to see you again next year.

Don't forget, next Sunday, August 4th is our normal first Sunday public run day starting at 11:00 AM until 3:00PM. Hope to see you all there!

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