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September 21, 2013 Saturday Public Run Day Report

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Topic: September 21, 2013 Saturday Public Run Day Report
Posted By: PhilC
Subject: September 21, 2013 Saturday Public Run Day Report
Date Posted: Sep 22 2013 at 12:51am
September 21, 2013 Saturday Public Run Day Report

The day started off cool and overcast with temperature in the high 60s low 70s. It would later clear with the temperature going into the mid 80s with a light wind.

The SCLS general meeting was held under the trees at the picnic area. New business discussed was the construction of a new control tower in the center of the Crenshaw Wye. Everyone was briefed about the clean up efforts and all of the projects that were currently being undertaken.

Roberta was voted on and approved as a new SCLS member having fulfilled her 6 month waiting period. She has been a big part of the clean up effort working endless hours during the week filling up garbage bags full of pine needles and other clutter. Thanks Roberta and welcome to SCLS.

Other visitors include Andy Z, David with his Mogul from Santa Barbara and his parents all of whom wish  to become new members.  We welcome you to the club and hope you find it enjoyable.

The public run started at noon. It was a special day at Wilson Park in Torrance as today there was a large company party for Robinson Helicopters with hundreds of attendees of all ages.  I would estimate that 80% of the 968 rides we gave were for Robinson party goers.

First train out was the Jim Berryman's California & Pacific #2 Prairie pulling 6 cars which was driven by Charlie. Towards the end of the run day the steamer was swapped out with Jim's 70 ton diesel the C&P #12, so that Charlie could steam down and clean up #2.

Next out was Howie with his UP 1205, SW1500, and a long train of both passenger and freight cars. He later had a little problem with the battery going dead so his locomotive was switched out with Rory's SW9 driven by Tom who pulled it that latter half of the run days.

Tim brought out his Forney, the Jillie Belle, for a few hours and pulled 3 cars. It was nice to have 2 big steamers running at the same time around the tracks.

The club,s  WC777 SW1500 was out pulling the club's passenger cars but after about an hour the engine crapped out. First time I can remember the "Greeny" missing a run day. It has been a workhorse for many years. We will see what is wrong with it during the week.

Another of the club's locomotives was out, the Santa Fe F7 was out pulling 4 cars but it got a wee bit too hot for it, so we decided to park it after an hour before there was any damage. We will need to install some ventilating fans in the engine compartment to help cool the engine. Right now it can only be run on cold days.

Kelly was out running his Blue Line Metro and then switched over to his Santa Fe GP and pulled 4 cars. He was the final train of the day as we ended the public run at about 4:40, an hour and forty minutes past our advertised close time. We all had fun and as long as there was people in the station that wanted to ride, we stayed open.

Joanne was a brave soul and ran the depot gift shop along with her 2 daughters.

Phil ran the station and acted as boarding agent, lemonade and conductor duckie salesman. It was a very busy day. Robert ran the lemonade stand and acted as train dispatcher.

Daisy cooked up a light breakfast of fried rice and deep fried lumpia during the meeting.  For lunch she cooked up some fantastic BBQ ribs with "Phil's" BBQ sauce. How could it be bad! Wink
We also had sautéed onions and mushrooms with vanilla ice cream for dessert. Everything was yummy!

The run ended at 4:40, everyone kind of stuck around until about 8:30 decompressing and enjoying tall tales and other railroad stories of the day. Hope to see you all at the next run day October 6th at 11:00. 

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