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November 16, 2013, Saturday Public Run Day Report

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Topic: November 16, 2013, Saturday Public Run Day Report
Posted By: PhilC
Subject: November 16, 2013, Saturday Public Run Day Report
Date Posted: Nov 18 2013 at 5:05pm
Saturday November 16th Run Day Report:

The weather was beautiful. A nice breeze from the Southwest. The flag was flying proudly in the stiff breeze.

The monthly SCLS meeting was held under the trees, maybe one more meeting before it gets too breezy and cold. We are still running a bit shorthanded although Tom fixed the F7's hydraulic leak. First up was Howie with his UP1205 SW1500 locomotive with Rudy (Yes he is back!!!) as his conductor. Tim ran his  Forney the Jillie Belle pulling both his and Jim's cars. It was a nice long train and gave the Jillie Bell a workout pulling out of the station.

Rich fired up his OS Mogul and pulled 2 riding cars plus a gondola for the propane. It was his first time pulling the public and it did a great job. It was a real crowd pleaser too as all of the kids really enjoyed watching the little steamer chug up the grade into the station. We were all pulling for it! Charlie and then Alex were his conductors for the day. 

Kelly and Jeff ran their Santa Fe 1244 a GP pulling 5 passenger riding cars. It ran pretty much all day without a break and did a great job. The F7's side was replaced by Tom and Wyatt and was added to the fleet as the pulled 4 riding cars along the Crenshaw Line. Wyatt was at the helm with is dad, Tom as the conductor.  The F7 performed perfectly so I would say it is back! The 777 is still out of commission with a defective ignition. That will be this weekend's project.

The depot store was run by Bailey Smith, temporarily taking the place of her grandma who was unable to make it due to health issues. Joanne, hurry up and get well, we miss you already!  Bailey did a great job though and was assisted by Roberta to keep the store working. Thanks Bailey and looking forward to see you as my elf next run day.

Phil and Robert ran the station with Phil loading and Robert dispatching, no lemonade this time. We pulled 846 passengers during the 3 hour period including 3 birthday parties. Everyone enjoyed the new lawn that was put down the previous weekend by Mark Lemke of scout troop 586. Click" rel="nofollow - here to read about that.

Daisy did a bang up job with lunch and dinner. For lunch we had Philly Cheese-steak sandwiches. The big thing was the full thanksgiving dinner that she made including roast rosemary turkey, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and gravy, cornbread stuffing and cranberry sauce and pumpkin spice cookies for desert. It was great and everyone went away stuffed, just like the bird!

The next run will be Sunday December 1st. Come on down and bring the kids. Get a special gift from Santa Claus!  See you all there!!!!

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