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RMI Prairie Step 3 - Tender Chassis Assembly

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Topic: RMI Prairie Step 3 - Tender Chassis Assembly
Posted By: PhilC
Subject: RMI Prairie Step 3 - Tender Chassis Assembly
Date Posted: Jul 23 2009 at 4:40pm

Now that the tender trucks are completed, it is time to start building the tender frame. The tender frame came fully welded from RMI with the ends bolted on. I took the ends off and asked Kelley Smith to add some 3/4 inch and .5 inch holes to accept other fittings for air, water and electrical connections.

After Kelley added the holes I primed and painted the end plates and frame and bolted them all back together. Now it is time to position the tanks and drill the holes mounth them to the frame. Also there is some angle stock that needs to be mounted on the frame to hold the bulkhead walls in the tender. Some welding is required.
Tender chassis with fuel and water tanks in place as well as flooring. No holes drilled yet, this was just for positioning.
Prairie Tender Construction
RMI Prairie Tender Side view

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