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RMI Prairie Step 9 - Tender Body Mount

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Topic: RMI Prairie Step 9 - Tender Body Mount
Posted By: PhilC
Subject: RMI Prairie Step 9 - Tender Body Mount
Date Posted: Nov 29 2009 at 12:44am
Normally the body of the tender would be welded to the mounting plate that gets bolted to the chassis. Since I want the body to be removable from the mounting plate, as the plate will be painted black and the body will be powder coated blue, I had to come up with a way to mount the body to the frame without welding it.
As previously described, the 1/2 inch bar stock welded to the front of the body was drilled and tapped so that bolts could be used to attach it from below to the chassis. A piece of angle was added 1 foot in from the front of the tender and welded to the channel that runs around the bottom of the tender body. Nutserts were installed in the tender baseplate to attach the angle stock. The angle will also act as a divider and prevent items stored behind it from moving forward under foot in the tender sitting space. These modifications attached the front of the tender to the chassis very securely.
Next I needed to attach the back of the tender to the chassis. This was done as shown in the image below by welding a small bushing to the channel that runs around the bottom of the tender.
This bushing was welded in place and then a transfer punch was used to mark the chassis below for drilling. Once drilled a 1/4-20 bolt will be used to mount the body to the frame through the baseplate.
Steve Claude is shown welding the spacer into place. This was done on both sides of the tender. The spacer was made of 1/2 inch bar stock and drilled through on a lathe slightly larger then 1/4 inch.
The body was removed and the holes drilled for the body mounting bolts using the marks from the transfer punch. The sheet metal baseplate that sits on top of the frame which is a 3 part affair was welded together and then ground smooth. This will be painted black along with the chassis once again using a spray can as it will probably need lots of touch up over its lifetime as it gets dinged around. This is why it was not powder coated.
The tender was left apart so that the tanks could be put in place and the final plumbing for water, oil, air and wiring completed.

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Posted By: RioGrande464
Date Posted: Dec 01 2009 at 5:24pm
good progress here. thankgod for steve 2! getting stuff done at the club this year has been so wonderful and easy with all are members at the work days! will be great to see this loco at train mountain bitter creek and who knows where else. we will have to mkae jackets for The Gummy Bear Pacific RR Prarie #? pit crew!

Posted By: tom d
Date Posted: Dec 14 2009 at 6:22pm
I would think the gummy bear pit crew or posse would where white jump suites with hasmat crossed out and gummy bear logo tagged across it on the back

Posted By: administrator
Date Posted: Dec 14 2009 at 9:34pm
The Gummy Bear crew is poor. Have to save up for powder coating. No uniforms yet unless you want to sponsor us! :)

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