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Before you begin, some quick notes: For best results the image you wish to upload should be a maximum of 700 pixels wide and 550 pixels high with a maximum file size of 400KB. If an image is larger than 700x550 it will be resized and resaved by the server. If the file is larger the 500KB or is not a JPG type file, it will be rejected. Any time you modify and resize a JPG file there is some degradation, you may wish to resize the image yourself using your image editing program using the original file and then saving it in the .JPG format. All images that are 700x550 or smaller will not be resized and will have no degradation. This size was chosen for display on 800x600 screens.
Step 1 - Photo content and technical information input
Enter the information below pertaining to the photo you wish to post. You can leave the info blank if you can't remember and fill it in at another time if you wish.
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