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Story Time at the
Southern California Live Steamers
Next Story Time Date To Be Announced   1:00PM to 2:00PM


On February 1, 2009, Carrie and John from Story Tunes visited the Southern California Live Steamers. Carrie told stories and lead the future engineers in song and dance while John played the guitar and keyboard. Everyone had a great time and we look forward to their next visit. John is also a videographer and produced the new video for the SCLS club. Check out the new video on the home page, they did a really great job. Thank you Carrie and John.

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What is StoryTunes?

StoryTunes has come to be known as “The Merriest Mix of Story and Song.” StoryTunes combines the richness of children’s literature with the carefree spirit of music to create a special story time experience.

Our sing-along story time programs are designed for young children. We use books and songs that are creative, colorful, conceptual, educational and just plain fun.

Fans of StoryTunes are saying...

“Carrie’s creative storytelling focuses on simple stories and lessons, while Jonathan’s musical accompaniment makes all that learning fun! What a wonderful and unique combination!”
Amy, Community Relations Manager
Barnes & Noble Booksellers

“Carrie is an animated storyteller and Jonathan adds life and spirit with his musical keyboard. Their selections of stories and music are very appropriate to the age level as well as the interest level of the children. They are a talented pair.”
Evelyn, Teacher
232nd Place School

“The children are actively involved with each performance and when StoryTunes is here, attendance doubles! Jonathan and Carrie helped make our story time a memorable experience for both the children and for their parents.”
Elise & Mary, Children’s Librarians
Los Alamitos Rossmoor Library

“Jonathan and Carrie have the knack for capturing the imagination of young children through their innovative style of combining music and meaningful children’s literature. Their programs are designed with young children in mind.”
Joan, Teacher
186th Street Elementary School


The Merriest Mix of Story and Song

Carrie & Jonathan Pascual
(310) 308-3781

The StoryTunes Mission

StoryTunes Programs

Library Story Time

StoryTunes’ unique combination of children’s books and music are used together to provide a creative, interactive and fun story time. Our 30 minute programs fit perfectly into the weekly or monthly time slots that most libraries schedule regularly for story time.

We have been successful in a variety of libraries because at its heart, StoryTunes is really about making literature and music accessible to children and enjoyable for families.


Classroom Programs

In the classroom setting, StoryTunes is much more than just entertainment. Because of its foundation in literature and music, StoryTunes is an effective educational supplement.

Our classroom programs utilize age and theme appropriate books and stories and can be tailored to fit with your lesson plans and enhance the learning experience.

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