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Live Steam Railroading Resources

Railroading Links
A listing of web links to select sites and vendors of interest to the live steaming hobby with a brief description and logos Links are listed by three main categories of Railroad Related Organizations, Railroad Resources on the Web and Manufacturers and Dealers.
More Railroading Links
A complete list of links including those mentioned above shown in outline format. Many more links then shown on the above page. Take a look and if you know of a link we are missing or one of the links is no longer working please let us know.
Steam Locomotive Registry
A listing of know steam locomotives around the world. Track their ownership, where they are now, what they look like. Hopefully this will grow into a huge resource so that old locomotives can be found and old friendships renewed..
International Listing of Steam Clubs and Tracks
The following is a list of the known live steam clubs and private tracks around the world. If your track or club is not listed and you would like to add it to our list, please click HERE to enter your information. Once your information is verified it will be posted to our list.

If you see your club or track listed and would like to be the editor click on the "Claim" button and fill out the access request form. You will be given a login and password to access the information about your track. You will be able to change or add information to bring it up to date as well as add photographs and links to youtube videos. It is our goal to make this the most complete and usefull list on the web and with your help we can do just that.

Really Cool Videos
This is the place to watch some very interesting videos. Many of these have been found on YouTube or other video sites. Some related to full sized railroads others are related to our live steam hobby, some are just really cool and fun to watch. If you have a video you would like to see posted on the site, please drop us a line and let us know.
Live Steam Railroad Forum & Bulletin Board
Open to the public, not just SCLS members. Sign up, and post your questions or participate in the current discussions. All sorts of interests from building locomotives and rolling stock to operations and events. Join the Southern California Live Steamers railroading online community by participating in our Railroading Forum.

Railroad Term Glossary
An alphabetical listing of railroad terms, from the past as well as current terms used in today's railroads. If you know of some terms that we missed, plese let us know and we will add it to our list..

Live Steam Railroad Chat
Speak to other live steamers around the world. No software to install, just click on the link and type your message in the box. Other live steamers will reply if they are monitoring. Communications are in real time with only a few seconds delay. Enjoy, and text to a group of your friends.

Live Steam Railroad Whistle and Hand Communications Signals
Whistle and hand signals used on the Southern California Live Steamers miniature railroad. These signals are also used at other live steamer clubs and many are used on full sized commercial railroads.
Southern California Live Steamers Wheel and Coupler Standards
These standards were put into place when the club was first started back in the early 40's. They are now fairly standard throughout the hobby and recognized by most live steam clubs.

Southern California Live Steamers Track Frog Standards
Information on how to calculate track frog angles and sizes. A chart of curve radii based on frog numbers.

Live Steam Web Rings
This page has links to other live steam related sites through the Web Ring Network. Follow the ring around to other sites that have a lot of useful information. Web Rings also help bring viewers to our site.
Torrance Parks and Recreation Web Site
A link to the City of Torrance Parks and Recreation. The Southern California Live Steamers is located at the Southeast corner of Charles H. Wilson Park in Torrance, CA. We thank the Torrance Department of Parks and Recreation for their support.
Make a Donation
Hey, we all gotta live! The Southern California Live Steamers is a non profit organization that derives its complete operating budget from donations from its members and the public. We do not receive any cash from the city or state. Members provide their own equipment for the public ride days, their own fuel and pay for their own maintenance. Please help out the Southern California Live Steamers with a generous tax deductible donation through our donation page. The monies collected will be used to improve the facility, pay for new track and riding cars, bridges, building repairs and insurance and the thousands of other expenses that it takes to keep this place running. Your kids and grand kids will benefit from your donation as it helps keep us safely in operation.