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Southern California Live Steamers
Locomotive Registry Detailed History

This registry is provided as a live steam community resource to help keep track of the history and current status of miniature live steam locomotives. If you know the history, current ownership or whereabouts of any live steam locomotive, please feel free to update or add a new record to this registry. If you are not the original owner or builder of a locomotive that is presently in your possesion, please look through all of the listed locomotives first to update an existing record before adding a new listing. This will help keep the confusion down and make this registry more useful. If you have any requests or ideas for improvements in this registry, please let us know. We would like to make it as complete and useful as possible.

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Locomotive #   Build Date: Under construction
Name: "" Purchase Date: 3/12
Road / RR: TF & C RR Sold Date:
Whyte Designation: 4-6-2 - Pacific City: Bayville
State: NJ
Country:  US
Manufacturer: Little engines
Built By: Tom Cleary Scale: 1.0 Gauge: 4.75"
  Builders Plate #: 
Owner Name:   Club: 
Entered By: Tom Cleary Entry Date:  4/19/2012 6:44:57 PM
Notes: Purchased an incomplete project, complete tear down and rebuild in progress.
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