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Heather,Tom and Isaiah at Bittercreeks steaming bays © 2009 - 2024 Rudy Guajardo



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Picture Information:
Picture Title: Heather,Tom and Isaiah at Bittercreeks steaming bays
Photographer: Rudy Guajardo
Submission Date: 10/23/2009 9:48:27 PM
Gallery Category: Other Clubs
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Track Gauge: 7.5
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Photo Comments:
Critiqued 11/10/2009 7:34:26 AM by charlie  Giordano, Torrance
thats the famous Tom Downing look there haha. Gota love it. Did u guys steam around that long

  Comment Response Entered: 11/11/2009 7:52:06 AM  By: tom   d - lakewood
we ran all day[light] just two riders my loco had some problems with the injeter/water fitler that we had to deal with off and on all day long hopefully next year we can go to the NG meet as a group phil says he will be up and running by then ?
  Comment Response Entered: 11/11/2009 7:58:21 AM  By: Charlie   Giordano - Torrance
WELL IM SET FOR THAT! one day we'll head up to train mountain and really have some fun. We need to take up some of Jim and Tims cars 2 and show them off! would be awesome going up there with Phils big loc. just no thomas face haha
  Comment Response Entered: 11/11/2009 11:13:16 AM  By: pHIL    - Torrance
What is wrong with Thomas? :)
  Comment Response Entered: 11/11/2009 9:05:11 PM  By: tom   d - lakewood
its not thomas its phil-EEEEEEEEEEE
  Comment Response Entered: 11/12/2009 9:29:47 AM  By: Charlie   Giordano - Torrance, CA
i think they might run you over with a K-36 if we bring the thomas face haha. Cant wait to get up there.I need to finish my big boy
  Comment Response Entered: 11/12/2009 7:33:14 PM  By: Phil   Cohen - Torrance, CA
You mean Wall-EEEEEEEEE?

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