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Diesel Category
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2 gauge diesel loco
by Tom Downing

-9 seat repair
by Tom Downing

Ditch lights installed
by Tom Downing

Ditch lights added to the -9
by Tom Downing

All stripped down
by Tom Downing

Empty station as it was just too hot for most.
by Tom Downing

Tom on the F7
by Tom Downing

Test run
by Tom Downing

Carb cleaning
by Tom Downing

The loco fell apart
by Tom Downing

Loco work
by Tom Downing

Toms GP60
by Tom Downing

After the new snow plow was installed
by Tom Downing

Before the New snow plow was installed
by Tom Downing

Back Out Again
by Harold Hueler

Howie fixing his loco
by Tom Downing

Howie locomotive axle rebuilt
by Tom Downing

Bob running the -9
by Tom Downing

by Harold Hueler

Ready To Go
by Harold Hueler

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