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Southern California Live Steamers
President's Message

"Dog days of Summer"

8/6/2012 3:44:11 PM

Once again we are in that season when we find ourselves laying track and pulling weed in 80+ degree heat... Of course, that is when the rail is all stretched out, the weeds have stopped growing, and lemon aid becomes "first aid".

The inside "8" is coming along well and many other much needed improvements are all being made without invitation or reservations to those who put in an hour or two of good hard work.

Some of our own members often forget that we are all volunteers and we can not just vote projects completed, like magic.  Most work is done a little at a time by a handful of people.  Every Saturday is a "Work day". 

You get out what you put into it...  If your goal is to improve the safety and experience the public enjoys then you will roll up your sleves, get dirty and have the satisfaction of a job well done. If you just want to complain about what needs to be done, you will never be happy.  Just find another organization to impress with your keen "Knit-Picking" observation skills.

Better yet re-read the past Presidents Messages and see if you can find a familiar theme.  Are you "That Person" who comes to meeting and executes "HIT AND RUNS"?  That is to come to meeting, complain about this or that and then not stay to help with the run day???  Or if you come to any run days you act like there is nothing for you to do (Also complaining while you are there...)???

I am happy to report, despite all of this, we do have a fine group that keeps it all together, even in the heat. 




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