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Southern California Live Steamers
President's Message

Station Dedication

1/26/2013 8:56:06 PM
Dedication of our New Station   28 October 2012 By:  S.C.L.S. President, Tim Brothers Honorable Mayor Scotto, City Council members, Commissioners, and Faithful riders and friends of the Southern California Live Steamers. Welcome to the “Wilson Park Trains”.  Today we are all so proud to be a part of the City ofTorrance’s Centennial celebration.What makes it so special for the Live Steamers is that we were here 25 years ago, to celebrate the Cities 75th Diamond Anniversary.  We were invited to set up small circle of track on this once dusty “pie shaped” property, to celebration the City’s rich Rail Road history.What was thought would be a temporary train attraction, has become what you see today. The reason for the “Pie-shape” is because this piece of property was the Railroad switching yard for the Military Maintenance and supply Depot, located where the rest of the park is today. We could not have done this, without the continued support from the city and the Community Services department and the Parks department and our faithful riders.  We are proud to be celebrating our 25th year and we look forward to the future.Over 407,000 rides and thousands of feet of track, JUST LOOK AROUND….. A lush forest, a full-size caboose, Pacific Electric #4601 and many other attractions await our riders on their journey through this now beautiful corner of Wilson Park.One of our most famous members, Walt Disney Envisioned that his masterpiece theme park “Disneyland” would never be finished and it would continue to improve, over time.  We are inspired by that same vision of our future….  Now please take a good look at this beautiful train Depot….This was the most ambitious project, since the initial installation of track, some 25 years ago. The person who needs to be recognized as the “Project Manager” is our beloved SCLS member and “Master Builder” Kelley Smith ……………Kelly saw this project through from just a dream, to a simple sketch, City approval, Fund raising, construction, and the finishing the details, (that is Details with a capital “D”), Of course Kelley did not do it alone.  Along with his son Jeff Smith he had help from        Professor Mike Stalling from the El Camino architecture department and his students, for theblue prints and Professor Max Pena from Long Beach City College construction departmentwho’s students built it.But the bottom line is that this could not have been built without the generous donations from individual club members, local venders, and the donations from all of our faithful riders.The names on this plaque are but a few of those who made it possible:  We thank!!!!!!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I would like to recognize a few:“Charlie Johnson’s Roofing” for donating the roofing materials.

Robinson Helicopters- The Donut Den- Harbor Industries- R.B.H. Insulation- Pacific Supply-

The Donut Den- Crenshaw Lumber- Catalina Pacific Ready Mix-

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Kelly, what a “Shed……” You may have thought you were building just a “Depot”But it will, from this day forward be known as the “Smithville Depot”And this 28th day of October 2012, the “Southern California Live Steamers” dedicates this Depot to the Residents and children of all ages of the City of Torrance.May this Depot stand, as a tribute to the Cities proud Rail Road History.              



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